Hosting 5th Grade Academic Teams – Tuesday, Jan. 23

Spring Pictures – Wednesday, Jan 24

First Semester Awards Ceremony – Thursday, Jan. 25

First Semester Awards Ceremony – Friday, Jan 26

Club Day – Friday, Jan. 26

Dentist 2nd Grade Sealant – Monday, Feb. 5

Interim Reports Go Home – Thursday, Feb. 8


Hurricane Irma caused students to miss instructional days. 

In order to make up for these absences, Polk County Public Schools has determined that the six remaining early release days in the 2017-18 school year will be extended to full instructional days.

The remaining early release days were: Oct. 11, 2017; Nov. 15, 2017; Jan. 24, 2018; Feb. 7, 2018; March 14, 2018; and May 16, 2018. 

These days are now scheduled as regular school days.

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FANTASTIC resources for students and their parents are available! We offer help with everything from books for reading, crafts, language, nutrition and tax preparation! It is all courtesy of the Title One Parent and Family Resource Centers! Check out the pictures to learn more!



Students are permitted on campus starting at 7:30 AM and school starts at 8:00 AM.

Parents are not permitted to drop off or pick up students in the front of Medulla unless they are displaying a WHITE Medulla tag.  All others must use our car-riders area which is located in back of the school.

The East Parking Lot is for faculty use.  Parents are directed to please not use this parking lot as a pick-up or drop-off location. 

Accordingly, the East Parking Lot entrance will be blocked during afternoon dismissal to better insure student safety.  Students will be walking across the parking lot and will be dismissed at the crossing guard station so they can continue their walk home.  Parents are asked to be certain to pick-up and drop-off their students in the Car-rider’s Parking Lot located in the back of the school.   


Super-Smart-Star-Explorers!  We are celebrating our students for improvement in all 4 areas of FAIR! What an AWESOME group of students! 



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